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Composite fields – Dynamics CRM 2013

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 introduces a new predefined field type for some system entities that is known as a composite field. You cannot modify the behavior of a composite field or add a new composite field. However, you can select whether to use a composite field in your forms or views.

A composite field concatenates the values of multiple text fields together as one text field in the database. You can add a composite field to a form as you would add any other field. The composite field is displayed on the form as a single control that shows the primary fields in a flyout when it is clicked. Many composite fields are already included on the forms for their entities.

For example, the Contact Full Name field appears on a form as a single field. However, when the user clicks the field, a flyout appears next to the field that asks the user for the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name fields separately. When these fields are completed, the user clicks Done and the completed field is displayed as a single control again. In another example, the Account Address 1 field can be displayed as a single field that will ask the user for seven separate fields from Street 1 through Country/Region when the user clicks the Address 1 field.

This approach uses much less space on a form than separate fields and can be easier to read as one item. You can add composite fields to views and forms.

If one or more of the fields that are used in a composite field is set to a field requirement level of Business Required, the composite field will be displayed as required on a record form (using a red asterisk to remind the user). This forces the user to provide a value for the composite field, and when the user clicks the composite field, the flyout will indicate the individual fields that are required.

Composite address fields always have a name with the suffix “_composite”, for example address1_composite or shipto_composite. The fullname composite field on Contact, Lead and User has no suffix in the field name.