XrmServiceToolkit – Better way of consuming REST/SOAP services in CRM

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Recently I found another interesting tool for CRM.

XrmServiceToolkit is a JavaScript library which can be used for JavaScript Development under the platform for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 environments. The library contains four major parts regarding functions.

Common: General Methods used for various purpose.
Rest: Organization Data Service functions including CRUD, Associate, Disassociate, etc
Soap: Organization Service functions including CRUD, Fetch, Associate, Disassociate, etc
Extension: jQuery extension to utilize WebResource to extend CRM 2011 / CRM 2013 including dependent OptionSet, field tooltip, add custom filter view to lookup field. (Some Methods ‘Unsupported’)

Download link to codeplex –

How to use it in CRM – 

1. Add a reference to the XrmServiceToolkit.js file on your CRM form

2. Add a reference to JQuery 1.7.1 or above on your CRM form

3. Add json reference on your CRM form

4. Thats all!

Refer to the documentation section on codeplex for usage samples.