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CRM 2013/2015 Language Packs

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Great article on Technet on how to install Language Packs –

Key here is that Language packs are installed at the server level. But, a System Admin can decide which Languages are available on an organization hosted on that server by –

  1. Start the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web application
  2. Verify that you have either Full or Administrator privileges on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  3. Start Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and go to Settings > Administration > Languages.
  4. The Language Settings dialog box opens

    In it, are listed each Language Pack installed in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, with a check box to the left of each listed Language Pack.

  5. For each Language Pack that you want to provision (enable), select the check box next to it. For each Language Pack that you want to unprovision (disable), clear the check box
  6. Click or tap Apply. Click or tap OK on any confirmation dialog boxes that open.